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Fashion is mentioned on the services page as the option for fashion designers needing images of their designs. Generally this is a multiple session service. First, a casting call is held where the designer can match outfits to models. Following the casting call are one or more sessions being the actual shoot with the models and the matched-up designs. Make-up artists are recommended for this service, but are not a requirement. The casting call is not necessary if you already know your models and have already worked out this step.

In-studio pricing starts at $60.00 per hour for the first two hours and each additonal hour is $25.00. On location pricing starts at $80.00 per hour for the first three hours; each additonal hour is $50.00. Models and make-up artists are extra, and pricing is dependent upon the number and types of outfit to be modelled. Limited number of TFCD hours are available each month for emerging designers. Contact the photographer for availability of TFCD hours.